All Versions of PCB123 Now Support the New Sunstone OneQuote System

BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR NEXT ORDER: please take a moment to migrate your Sunstone/PCB123 user account to the new Sunstone webiste by clicking here:

PCB123 is excited to tell you that all versions of PCB123 are now sending orders to the new Sunstone Circuits OneQuote system. Depending upon your version, there are some different levels of compatability available to you.
PCB123 prior to V5.0:

  • You will be able to successfully place your orders.
  • IMPORTANT: The in-tool quoting information is not guaranteed to be accurate when you get to the order form.

PCB123 V5.0-V5.4:

  • You will be able to successfully place your orders.
  • The in-tool quoting information should be accurate.
  • You will only have access to the quantities, lead times and features that were available to PCB123 at the time of release for your version.

PCB123 V5.5 will allow you to:

  • Select pricing models based on LEAD TIME as well as order quantity. Select lead times up to 3 weeks.
  • Design to *any* of Sunstone Circuits’ service levels – ValueProto, PCBexpress, or PCBpro.
  • Track your order history on your account at
  • Share a Sunstone account amongst team members; make ordering your PCB123 files a team-wide capability.