Gerber Files

PCB123 may be Sunstone’s intellectual property, but the design file is YOUR intellectual property. Just because PCB123 doesn’t provide a method for you to export your designs into Gerber directly doesn’t mean we want to hold your data hostage. So, we help you protect and preserve your IP by providing your Gerber files at no charge.

Order your design through PCB123, and Sunstone will send you the Gerbers free-of-charge. Just email and we’ll send the Gerber file set via email.

The Gerber files you receive will be the as-built files. In PCB manufacturing, some companies might make some adjustmentst to the data in the Gerber file just prior to manufacturing. This is often referred to as “artwork cleanup.”  What this means is that, unless you get copies of the cleaned up Gerber files, your Gerber files in your archives do not match the boards exactly as built. PCB123 will supply you, instead, with the Gerber files we used to build your boards.

And, if you prefer to order your Gerber files without building the boards at Sunstone, we now only charge a $100 file-generation fee. Contact to learn how.

Looking for a tutorial on Gerber files, and perhaps a general purpose Gerber viewer? Pay a visit to the circuitpeople website for some helpful Gerber-related resources.