The Power of the Order Button

PCB123 is a PCB design tool created from the start to be integrated with Sunstone Circuits’ manufacturing processes. This integration has been steadily improved over the years, just this year we made great strides in both improving ease of use, and increasing your choice of features/options.

In the past, due to some lack of flexibility in the previous ordering systems, customers sometimes found it convenient to call in and have our sales team create an order for them. For example, in the old system, there was no easy way for a customer to order an assembly panel using tab-route or v-score. Now that’s all changed, you have the power.

Here’s how you do it: Inside PCB123, simply enter the number of boards you want to order, update the turn time, and click the order button. You will then be led to the order form, where you will have access to all of the options available to any other Sunstone Circuits customer.

  • 3 oz copper? no problem,
  • gold fingers? Great
  • slots, cutouts, plugged traces, & controlled impedance? Just push the button.
    (these choices may very shove you into custom quote, but you are very much in control.)

In addition, you will have the option to order assembly at our partner Screaming Circuits, or add a solder stencil.

This is actually a great time-saver: no more waiting for us to open your email, move files around, create a quote, send you an email with the quote for approval, etc. Just open the order form, fill it in, massage it until the price/features converge with your needs, and mash the big button!