PCB123 V5.4 – Now Order PCBpro DIRECT from the order page.

Now you can order PCBpro Full-Feature directly from PCB123.
We’re proud to announce that we just released the first phase of the biggest set of changes to PCB123 in years. And yet, the tool will look pretty much just like it always did!
In version 5.4, the biggest changes aren’t in the commands, or the user interface. The most powerful enhancements aren’t in the look and feel. NO, the most powerful changes to PCB123 V5.4 come when you’re done with your design and you’re ready to place your order. Because, at that moment, PCB123 will offer you the choice of traditional PCB123 manufacturing, *OR* PCBpro.
What does this mean to you? It means greater value:
  • access to build capabilities for more complex constructions
  • lower prices – you’re no longer locked in to using rapid-prototyping service levels
  • longer lead times – pick the lead time that works for your
Like we said, the changes and improvements are huge for your designing experience. And we’ve got more coming…