PCB123 and Sunstone – delivering on our promises


Dear Sunstone:

I have designed and built electronic systems for years. The ease and use of your on-line ordering of printed circuit boards is the most straightforward and easiest to use that I have ever seen.

The quality of your boards is outstanding. The registration of the layers, the copper etching and masking are absolutely perfect. No frayed corners, uneven etching and unintended chemical residue. Amazing!

Your PCB123 CAD software took some getting used to as it is different than PADs and others; it has some very nice features and it is a pleasure to use.

Your promise to deliver on time was exactly that: on time. I couldn’t be happier and with this; I have many new PCBs to order. I see no reason to go with anyone else. Oh and by the way: I have never had a problem reaching your technical support and they always had an answer right away.


With kind regards,

David L. Kechkaylo