PCB123 Newsletter – August 2015


PCB123® Newsletter

Welcome to the August 2015 edition of the PCB123 newsletter! The odometer on my car is about to turn 200,000 miles. Really. That’s a lot of miles; a lot of spinning for the ones and tens digits on the odometer, that’s for sure. And that got me to thinking about design spins. One of the reasons PCB123 was designed with a unified database for both schematic and layout is to give the user the power and control when the design file is iterating rapidly mid-design… just like those digits on the far right of my odometer. This issue looks at tips, tricks and methods for effectively revising your design file mid-design.

Nolan Johnson
CAD/EDA Manager


Get the Most out of PCB123

Suppose you have your layout done and you realize you forgot to make the design edits your team came up with last week? This month, Sal Hernandez has a number of simple but helpful topics to share with you that will help.

Several tips like this can be found in the Sunstone forum. We encourage you to visit and participate in our user forum today.

As always, we hope you find this information useful. We always appreciate suggestions from readers on topics to cover here. Don’t hesitate to send us suggestions.


What’s New at Sunstone?

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Do You Know the Power of PCB123?

PCB123 is a free-distribution*, industrial strength CAD tool, complete with tightly-integrated layout design and schematic capture, 3D modeling of the design, and a sophisticated parts Bill of Materials tool. PCB123 provides a library of over 750,000 ready-to-use parts. Many of these parts include Digi-Key part numbers so you can check pricing and availability through our Live BOM feature.

PCB123 is easy to use and trusted by both hobbyists and professionals. PCB123 users can be found at institutions like: MIT; Qualcomm; Intel; and Honeywell. Visit the PCB123 page to learn more.



*Why do we make the tool free to use? Because not all PCB designers have access to the funds needed to buy a PCB CAD tool. And just because a PCB CAD tool is free to use, doesn’t mean it’s easy to turn that design into fabricated boards at a fair price. Sunstone offers both through PCB123 and our PCBexpress board service. Send us your fab files from any CAD tool and we can build it for you; need a CAD tool? That shouldn’t stop you – use ours for free.

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