PCB123 provides 750,000+ predefined parts for immediate and open use in your designs – more than any other tool in the industry, licensed or free.

Build your own parts using PCB123’s powerful editors for schematic symbols and physical footprints.


Watch our instructional videos on youtube:

PCB123 Making Parts – Create a Footprint

PCB123 Making Parts – Create a Symbol

PCB123 Making Parts – Manage Parts


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Here’s the raw truth about Parts Libraries for CAD tools”

  1. There are multiple millions of electronics components available for use in Printed Circuit Board designs.
  2. The typical professional design team’s parts library is about 10,000 parts.
  3. *WHICH* parts are in your design team’s library varies depending upon the kind of design you do.
  4. So if there are 3 million components available on the market, the typical designer’s 10,000 part library represents only 0.03% of all possible parts.

No matter how extensive the library at your disposal, PCB designers will inevitably need to build their own parts. It’s just a matter of how many and how often.





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