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PCB123 is proud of its involvement in a number of innovative design teams in the educational, startup, and crowd-funding tech environment – movers and shakers who take risks and collaborate with other risk-takers. We’ve showcased just a few of our user community with these whitepapers written in collaboration with Sunstone Circuits. All of the users below used PCB123 in their design process.

Check out these success stories to see what we mean when we say PCB123 is  both easy-to-use and industrial-grade.

Printed Circuit Board Whitepapers

  • Guidelines For Ensuring PCB Manufacturability.  The rules of PCB design have changed little over the years, but the demands on the boards themselves keep increasing. The need for smaller, more complex boards used in smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices translates into less real estate for greater functionality. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) now plays a more important role in the production process. Good DFM techniques are more important than ever. This paper explores a number of straightforward ways you can increase the manufacturability of your boards.
  • Finding The Right Manufacturer For Your PCB Design. To receive a quality PCB, you need an efficient design and a manufacturer capable of producing it. This paper will examine the challenges and best practices associated with matching your design requirements to a manufacturer’s capabilities.
  • Using Stencils To Simplify The PCB Assembly Process. Where is the gap between hand assembly and outsourced assembly? And where does the purchase of a stencil fit in bridging that gap?  Using Stencils to Simplify the Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process.
  • Domestic Versus Offshore PCB Manufacturing. The component costs of offshoring have increased along with the risks that go along with it, challenging established manufacturing trends.
  • Parts Collaboration within The Sunstone ECOsystem: PCB123™, LiveBOM™, Digi‐Key® & NXP®.  Sunstone Circuits’ technological collaboration with Digi‐Key Corporation and NXP Semiconductor provides Sunstone PCB123 CAD users access to ready‐made, certified parts symbols from NXP. Not only is sufficient information provided to ensure accurate physical design, but the collaboration also ensures efficient design with component availability and pricing information.
  • Value of PCB Manufacturing Quality During Prototype: You Get More Than You Pay Forhe number of engineering changes is also a top challenge of PCB design. A strategy that enables designers to obtain early insight into behavior, allows them to catch problems earlier in the process. It also makes it easier to look for opportunities to take cost out of the PCB.” – Aberdeen Group, “Why Printed Circuit Board Design Matters to the Executive…””

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    Outside Resources:

    The Engineer’s Guide To High-Quality PCB Design“, Electronic Design magazine, published July 17, 2013