From Prototype to Production

Saying “my boards just moved into production.” means something different for almost everyone. Whether your production run means a handful or a (literal) boatload, Sunstone can help you get from concept/prototype to reliable, profitable production.

  • Design Rules
  • LiveBom Parts Availability information
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Revision-Controlled Reorders (Nimble Production)
  • High Volume/long leadtime Production

Most of us are pretty clear what a prototype build is:

  • a one-off build of a board design
  • smallish quantities
  • loosened adherence to build restrictions
  • usually a quick turnaround back to the customer

The next order of a prototype board usually includes design changes, and a new version of the PCb123 design files. It isn’t until the design is “released to production” that we start to see reorders… a sure fire sign that the board has stopped being a prototype.

What qualifies as production can change depending on a number of factors. Quantity and lead time are not always accurate indicators of production status. Freezing the design files, renewing a previous order as a re-order is a more reliable indicator of “production.” Some customers practice long-range forecasting and will shedule orders out months in advance. Other customers us a demand-driven JIT model and tend to order boards with varying quantities and short build times. While the former may look more like a traditional production model, the latter requires just as much rigor and attention to replicating the previous order as any strict production job, while also retaining that nimble, responsive level of service.

PCB123 designs easily move from prototype – ordering from inside the tool easily after each design revision, to production – repeat ordering from your account history on