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PCB123 version 5.6

1 – Download

Click the link below, enter your email address, that’s it!

2 – Install

Run the installer and follow the instructions.

3 – Get Started

Find PCB123 resources below to help you get off to a fast start designing your PCB. We’ll check in with you via email a couple times during your first 30 days to see how you’re doing, and to offer some additional resources as you come up to speed on PCB123. So look for those emails.

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PCB123 Resources

Looking for resources on how to use PCB123? How to design PCBs in general? Then the information below is for you.

User Manuals

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the PCB123 User’s Manual start you off quickly. Sharing a little PCB history, best practices and design philosophy along the way, too.

Download Manuals >

Video Tutorials

Sunstone’s Youtube Channel is where we put our video tutorials for PCB123. We’ve created short PCB video tutorials so you can get started quickly.

Browse Video List >

SnapEDA Integration

Download free symbols & footprints for millions of electronic components. The largest source of verified parts.

Learn More About SnapEDA >

Design Flow

PCB123, backed by Sunstone Circuits manufacturing, provides a powerful and comprehensive design flow from initial research all the way to assembly and production. Our entire business model is based on consulting and collaborating with you from idea to finished product, and beyond.

See how the design flow works, and where we fit in that process.

For Students

Sunstone Circuits and PCB123 continues to assist emerging engineers by actively participating with educators, students, educational events, and team competitions around the world. That’s why we proudly bring PCBs into the classroom, the laboratory, and field research, and we look forward to continuing this program to qualifying students, teams, and classes.

Find out how your educational circuit board project can be part of our program.


Ask Nolan on the Forum

Visit PCB123 CAD Forum to get your PCB123 questions answered.