PCB123 Software Developer Kit

PCB123 provides a Software Developers Kit** for building add-ons and extensions. Have an idea for a new trace router you want to develop? Use the SDK. Thermal analysis estimator? SDK. Conversion utility to migrate your old designs from an obsolete tool to PCB123? Yep, SDK. The SDK user documentation can be found in the install tree, and describes the API call stack available to the PCB123 community. PCB123 encourages users to share their Plug-ins by uploading them to the user community.

Where to find the SDK documentation:

PCB123 Plugin SDK

Sunstone Circuits gives you permission to distribute your plug-in work either for free or for a fee. Just be sure to cite us appropriately as a key technology in your work.

** What is a Software Developer’s Kit?

Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Software Developer’s Kits (SDK) often seem to be used interchangeably, which can cause some confusion. An SDK is a complete set of APIs that allow you to perform most any action you would need to for creating applications. In addition, an SDK may include other tools for developing to the platform/item.

An API on the other hand is just a series of related methods that may be used for access/communications between two programs or services..