PCB123 Features

With PCB123’s robust feature set, you can design with confidence knowing your boards can be built, and built right. Learn more below, then click “Download Now” to download for free.

Just Released: Version 5.6,  see what has changed to help improve your overall experience. PCB123 has the time-saving processes from over 40 years of PCB manufacturing expertise built right in:

  • SnapEDA integrated into the tool environment, bringing millions of verified parts to your fingertips.  *NEW
  • Enhanced User controls (Faster rendering, smoother drag and drop, more zoom control, unified control panels)
  • Your order will ship on-time when ordered through PCB123 or the PCBs are free, guaranteed.
  • Unrestricted Drill Sizes on your quick turn PCB123 orders
  • Slots and Cutouts available on boards and in parts definitions
  • Keep layout, schematic, and BOM in-sync and up-to-date, automatically
  • Quote in real-time and order from within the application
  • Be confident in manufacturability with built-in DFM, DRC, and parts availability


Manufacture Faster with a Virtually UNLIMITED Parts Library

PCB123 was created by Sunstone engineers, to offer the smoothest and most efficient transition from design to manufacture. Now, PCB123 offers two powerful ways to locate the parts definitions you need: <SnapEDA> and our traditional 750,000 parts library.

Reliable part and tolerance data means better designs from the start – so you can avoid costly revisions and unpleasant surprises later. Our free design software is guaranteed to create buildable designs.


Integrated Build, Quote and Ordering

After 40 plus years of manufacturing printed circuit boards to exacting customer specifications, no one knows the ins and outs of PCB manufacturing better than us. That 40-year expertise is baked-in to PCB123 – from our integrated Design Rule Check (DRC) to our free Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review. When you design your PCB inside PCB123, the design rule feedback is specifically customized to our fabrication processes. It’s like having a consulting engineer from the factory sitting next to you while you design.

And that means you can create and edit PCB designs quickly. Then, when you quote and order right from the intuitive interface, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that Sunstone will build your boards fast and right.


Proven Reliability Trusted by Global Leaders

We’re proud to count some of the world’s leading companies as satisfied users of our free PCB design software. These are just some of the highly recognized, global
industry leaders that use our free PCB design software:

  • GE™
  • Intel™
  • The MIT Artifical Intelligence Laboratory
  • Google™
  • Cisco™
  • HP™
  • Honeywell™
  • Motorola™
  • The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Texas Instruments