PCB123 CAD Design Parts

No matter how extensive the library at your disposal, PCB designers will inevitably need to build their own parts. It’s just a matter of how many and how often. PCB123 understands that making parts is time-consuming and error-prone. So we do everything we can to make the process simpler.

For example, PCB123 gives you three ways to grow your parts library:

750,000+ predefined parts for immediate and open use in your designs – more than any other tool in the industry, licensed or free.

If you need a part we don’t already have, first check in the Parts Community Library to see if other PCB123 users have uploaded a usable part to share. That will save you a lot of time.

If you don’t find what you need in the Community Library, you can build your own parts using PCB123’s powerful editors for schematic symbols and physical footprints. We’ve leveraged our years of experience with other CAD tools to design what we think are some of the most powerful Component design tools available.

And once you’ve made parts that work, by all means post them here! Share your success! It’s what we’re all about in the PCB123 community; helping everyone succeed.

To learn more about building your own parts, watch our instructional videos on youtube: