Free & Robust Cad Software

PCB123 is the most powerful, feature-rich free-to-user PCB tool on the market today. Has been for the last 14 years.

  • Yes, you can find a more robust, powerful tool. But you’ll pay big money for it – either monthly as a subscription, or in one big up-front license fee.
  • Yes, you can find other free tools. But they won’t have schematic/layout/BOM/3D views all connected by a common database.
  • And yes, you can find free tools. But not free tools offering 24/7/365 support. Not even from most of the big-name paid-license software companies.

So try us out. It costs you nothing. Worst-case, you get introduced to a new CAD tool; more likely, though, is that you’ll finally build that PCB you’ve always wanted, so you and your friends can finally do that thing that your club does.