What is PCB123?

PCB123 is a full-featured design tool for Printed Circuit Board designers of all levels. Introduced as a free tool in 2002, PCB123 still operates on a risk-sharing business model: we don’t get paid until you succeed at designing your PCB. And to help ensure your success, we staff our technical support department 24/78/365 to answer your questions.

Nobody else does that for you. Not even the big guys.

That’s why we’ve been so successful over the last 14 years – we succeed when you succeed. We put our money and reputation on the line right alongside you.

PCB123 Key Benefits

PCB123 was one of the first free-to-use PCB design tools available. We’ve been doing this since 2002!

We’ve spent 14 years refining PCB123’s capabilities and features to make a tool that is super easy to learn and use, but grows with you smoothly into professional level PCB design work.

Are you a sporadic PCB designer? Great! Our tool is just for you. No ongoing maintenance or subscriptions to pay while your tool sits idle. Because we get paid when you place your PCB order, it’s in our best interests to see that our tool is powerful, easy and efficient.

With designers at organizations like Google, Microsoft, NASA, Apple, and at universities like Embry-Riddle, MIT, Cornell, Stanford and others, PCB123 has proven the claim to be industrial-grade. Start with us, grow with us.