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With PCB123’s robust feature set, you can design with confidence knowing your boards can be built, and built right. Click “Download Now” above and start exploring for yourself.

Just released: Version 5.2.0 see what has changed to help improve your overall experience.  Release Notes.

We don’t throttle our tool and then charge you for a license to give you full functionality. No design constraints, inaccessible features, just a solid schematic and layout tool with industrial-grade features.

  • The industry’s largest free-to-use parts library of any CAD tool anywhere, at any price. This saves you time and energy filling out your parts library.
  • Schematic Capture, Physical Layout, BOM Management and real-time Design Rule Checking means we deliver a full-suite of just the tools you need, without a lot of fluff.
  • Software Developer’s Kit, with programmatic access to the PCB123 database, you can expand the tool for your own purposes.
  • Direct access to a fab shop that GUARANTEES they can build your board (as long as you followed basic design rules)

Do we charge you a bunch for all these services? Nope. You can take full advantage of fabrication services ranging from simple, affordable boards for students/hobbyists, to complex, complicated multi-layer products on esoteric materials. We get paid when you order boards – it really is that simple.