All NEW, and yet all the same...

We’ve just released the biggest set of changes to PCB123 in years. And yet, it’ll look pretty much like it always did!

In version 5.5, the biggest changes aren’t in the commands, or the user interface. The most powerful enhancements aren’t in the look-and-feel. No, the most powerful changes to PCB123  V5.5 come when you’re done with your design and you’re ready to place your order. Because, at that moment, PCB123 will allow you full and unrestricted access to all the build features, options, add-ons and lead times available from all of Sunstone Circuits’ service levels: ValueProto, PCBExpress and PCBpro.

What does this mean to you? It means greater value:

  • Lower prices: especially for simpler-construction boards with longer lead times. You’re no longer locked in to using rapid-prototyping service levels
  • Longer lead times: pick the lead time that works for you. From as fast as 24 hours to as long as three weeks
  • ValueProto: Finally! PCB123 will automatically give you full access to ValueProto pricing when that’s all your project requires
  • PCBpro: if your board need more complex construction, PCB123 gives you direct access to those features as well
  • Access to all the new features of sunstone.com, including multiple users on the same account, order history, easier re-ordering
  • As-built Gerbers free-of-charge, allowing you to archive your IP and protect your investment

Like we said, the changes and improvements are HUGE!

Get the most out of PCB123 with this website!

View Website Features

  • Completely new website, developed to provide help and community for PCB123 users
  • Blog for news, updates and timely announcements
  • Mobile-responsive site behavior
  • Download the latest version of PCB123
  • Access technical documents, support and tutorials on PCB design
  • Community libraries for designs, and library parts. Now PCB123 users can share their work with others, or check to see if a new component has already been defined and posted to the community
  • Access Student and educational sponsorship information – sponsorship requests, and check out other teams we’ve sponsored
  • Need the expertise of a layout designer? Contact PCB123’s Layout Services team to learn about letting us do your board layout for you
  • Connect directly to the Sunstone User Forums, where PCB123 team members (like Nolan Johnson) connect with community members to discuss all things PCB123
  • Access information on PCB123’s Software Development Kit (SDK) – write your own application plug-ins
  • And, of course, links through to the PCB123 Forums at forums.sunstone.com