When you’ve put hours and days into sweating the details on your board design, you certainly want the manufacturing process to be just as detail-oriented and perfectionist as you were. So, while not strictly a PCB123 experience, Steven Martin Cohen just shared these words about Sunstone Circuits manufacturing quality and attention to detail. There’s peace of mind in knowing that your boards will be built with this level of caring and attention, even while priced competitively and delivered quickly. As if PCB123’s free-use model wasn’t savings enough!

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but I was building circuits all day yesterday after the boards arrived.  Yes, the boards were perfect, and I built up six, all of which work.  I even had to remove some difficult components after I’d soldered them, which required a LOT of heat, and there was no trace delamination!  I also learned what changes to make for future PCBs to improve my ability to solder thru-hole components.

Sunstone is GREAT, even going the extra mile in both preliminarily reviewing the board after hours on the day of submission (because my designer was leaving on vacation the next day) and the next day making changes to the solder mask that should have been done on my end (after my designer had left!), and I’m recommending Sunstone to anyone I know who needs fast turn around.

Thank you once again.

Steven Martin Cohen