Printed Circuit Design & Fab and Future Markets Report on the PCB CAD tool industry

Mike Buetow and UP Media share that a new report from Future Markets. This report projects that PCB design software will grow at an annual growth rate of almost 13% through 2026. Today, in 2016, PCB design software makes up a $1.41 billion market.

No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of money – the report warns against software piracy, even. But you don’t have to spend that kind of cash, nor steal a copy of a tool, to get an industrial-grade PCB CAD solution.

PCB123 is an unrestricted, industrial-grade PCB CAD tool that is always *free to use*. Our free-to-use distribution method means we get paid when you successfully complete your design.

Now that’s DISRUPTIVE!

And PCB123 carries some powerful features, like:

* integration to the Digi-Key inventory
* Schematic, layout, BOM management and 3D preview all inside the same application
* Component Auto placer
* Autorouter
* Easy outline import from MCAD
* High-efficiency user interface
* Interactive DRCs
* In-tool board fabrication quoting and ordering (keeps you to your budgets)
* Ordering access to solder stencils and/or assembly services

Manufacturing is backed by Sunstone Circuits, a premiere US-based PCB manufacturer with a specialty in quick-turn small-quantity board fab, and a long history in JIT Production work.

Pay PCB123 a visit at to learn more about one of the most disruptive PCB CAD tools currently in the marketplace.